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Tlouey's Cyberpet Adoptables
Thanks everyone, for being so patient! I DID draw the outline of the prancer that resulted from the breeding draw last month. I drew it probably the beginning of April but I didn't have my computer hooked up until the end of the month and since then I've been busy with lots of stuff... moving, art commissions, work, and life. I will be colouring that prancer and posting it when I get a chance. I do hope to do something for May! I'm thinking another breeding, what do you guys want? I really don't have much time anymore now that we're in this new place and with my book signings and stuff every month, and now that I'm getting more responsibilities at work... but I really want to keep Parade Prancers alive. So, I'll do a little something for May... I'm not sure if I'll do anything for June, but if I do, I'm thinking it'd be fun to have a guest artist from Kentucky do the colouring *wink wink* Ames!

Okee... talk atcha all laters :D
Have a good day
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...I moved!

Incase you were worried
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Aprils's Parade Prancer Event will be a BREEDING!

So breeding forms will be open on April 1st! I may have to close the event early to give myself time to actually work on these since I'm moving this month. So don't be a FOOL and wait, get your breedings in as soon as possible!! Just reply to this post with the breeding form filled out to request a breeding. Seldom would every single request be full-filled.. mostly this will be done in a draw-like fashion. Make sure that before you sign up you re-familiarize yourselves with the Parade Prancer RULES & INFO.

Also, a good way to find other people's prancers in the case that you only have one prancer and are looking for a mate for it.. or you have none... is to check out the REGISTRY post to see all the links to the other Prancers out there. Make sure to check through the replies as well.. just in case the post itself isn't completely up-to-date. Remember, to be fertile, a prancer MUST be paged and registered!!!

Finally, if you don't get your name chosen for this breeding season or your breeding didn't turn out the foal that you were hoping for, you can always request a custom prancer or other cyberpet from me on COMMISSION at any time!!

Only one breeding form per person. You may edit your request by replying to your original breeding form post with the new form. You can only edit your request BEFORE the entry date.

Your Name:
Your Email:
Male Prancer's Name:
Male Prancer's URL:
Male Prancer's Owner:
Female Prancer's Name:
Female Prancer's URL:
Female Prancer's Owner:
Offspring's Tack: (preferred style/colours)

Since tack colours and style are NOT inherited by prancers... cuz... well.. duh... I will be somewhat randomly choosing the tack style for the offspring. Sometimes I'll base it on the season that the prancers are born in, sometimes maybe I'll choose one of the parent's tack colours or styles and use it on the foal's, sometimes I'll just do what I feel like at the time, but in the case that I don't have a plan for the tack already, I will consult your "preferred style/colours" for the offspring's tack.

Finally, if you have an item you would like to use during the breeding like a fertility rose or a lollipop/sucker... make SURE to include that in your post below your form!!

Okay... that is ALL for now!
Happy Internet Surfings!!!
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ID: 054
Name: you choose
Gender: You Choose
Lineage: Wild
Color: C - Blue Black
Build: Light
Type: Carousel

The other is inked and ready to colour, but I'm not going to be able to get to colouring it this weekend, sorry. I'll work on it on Monday or Tuesday. Anyhow, I hope you like your latest Prancer :D


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Poll #1161855 April's Prancer Event!

What shall we do for April?

Prancer Breeding
Customs Draw
A Contest of some Sort!
A PreDrawn Lineart Draw
Doesn't Matter What - I won't be participating

Your choices are Prancer Breeding... which is just where you send in breeding forms to breed your current Prancers. A Customs Draw... you get to send in a custom request and I'll randomly select a few to do. A Contest... I was thinking a horse trivial contest, A guessing game contest, or umm...something like that. And finally, A PreDrawn Lineart Draw... which is like Customs Draw except that I draw the lineart(s) in advance and then you get to choose which colours you want everything to be. Then I randomly select the winners of the draw and colour the linearts to their specifications.

...Alrighty! Please Vote!
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